My friend immigrants American, now he was 21 year old, the story begin with his sushi knife, every people who work with sushi jobs will has their own knife, his jobs is a sushi help work in Queens before, everyday he need work 12 hours, from morning 11:00 until to night 23:00. He said:" I'm not happy my wages and work, because my wages is very low", he one hour's wages only $6.6, but because his english is not well, so he just keep stay here to work. The knife is he work tools, everyday he need use the knife to kill many different type fish and use the bamboo Sushi Mat to make sushi roll, place a sheet of nori on sushi mat and spread a ball of sushi rice on top, my friend tell me it is very hard for him when begin this job, because many time it not stick properly when rolling, boss complain him many time and he feel very sadness . It all changed when my friend kill the fish and knife very sharp cut his hand, when his hand are full of bloody hand he feel pain like many ant bit him, but his boss just tell him continue to work, many customer waiting for you, his Sushi Mat all full the his bloody, he talk me in that moment he really want to cry. After that he decide to change a work place. Right now he also work in Queens, but in there everyday he just work 10 hours and can get 100 wages. This object of knife represents of how immigrant people work hard and also make my friend change his life, I hope you guys can know more about immigrant people and treat them equal.

Year: 2015

– Qing. Z

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