Kitaab (holy book of Islam)


My object is called kitaab (the holy book of Islam) and it’s used to learn about our religion. We all used this object. Kids start using kitaabs after they finish learning the alphabets of Arabic, it’s like when they’re 7-8 years or older. It depends on how fast each person can learn it. The Kitaab can be found where ever a Muslim person lives because we all use it since it’s very important to us. My dad got 5-6 Kitaabs from Ethiopia and we bought some of them here in Minneapolis. I learned about this object when I was like 6-7 years old. My dad used to teach Quran(writing) so I started learning it early even though I never finished it. I chose this object because it is really important to me and every Muslim out there. It is the miracle of the Prophet Muhammed(pbuh), it’s the proof that shows that he was the last Prophet that Allah sent. The Kitaab contains the words of Allah. This object makes me feel happy because it’s what is gonna lead me to the right path that Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) wants me to take. If I’m feeling down and I read it, it makes me feel calm and happy again. The Kitaab was sent to Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) to let people know that Allah exists and that he’s the one and only God out there.

Place(s): Ethiopia
Year: 2013

– H

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