Relationship: Im/migrant

This necklace has sentimental value for my loved ones and me. It is a symbol of love, loyalty, heritage, and religion. On the front side of the necklace the 255th verse of the second Surah in the Quran is carved on it. This verse is called the throne verse, which speaks about how nothing and nobody is comparable to God. It is one of the well known verses of the Quran, and widely memorized and displayed in the Islamic world.  My mom's name is carved on the back of the necklace, which is a symbol of love and appreciation that I have for my mom. She passed away on January 2nd of 2018, and this necklace helps me believe that she will always be with me and in my heart. My mother’s name is also carved in Arabic.  This is a symbol of loyalty to my culture and heritage, and shows where I’m from and what my country means to me (Syria). I wear this necklace around my neck wherever I go. I believe it keeps me safe, and when ever I need help I look at it and speak to my mother for guidance. My girlfriend got me this necklace a week after my mom passed, and she is a reason why I wear this necklace all the time as well. This necklace means more to me than an object; it is a symbol of love, religion, and heritage.

Place(s): Damascus, Syria

– Yaser

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant