Grandma's Altar

My grandma has always had an altar with pictures of our family for as long as I can remember. Since we are from Guam, a US territory historically colonized by Spain, Roman Catholicism is a crucial part of our culture and daily life. Every morning my grandma wakes up and prays the rosary in front of this altar which lies between the dining room and our living room. A lot of the pictures in the altar are of family members, the picture in the center is of my grandma who died over a decade ago. My grandpa is pretty central to our story in that he represents a lot of the lived experience of men from Guam. At a young age, my grandpa served in the Navy, just after he was granted US citizenship under the Guam Organic Act of 1950. Eventually when he was done serving he had all my aunts and uncles and my dad, raised a family with my grandmother, and settled into his life. Both him and my grandmother worked very hard to provide for all of their children so that they could succeed and surpass their own accomplishments. Because my grandfather worked incredibly hard and my dad was able to have a good paying job, he eventually moved out to the mainland so that me and my sisters (also pictured) could have better opportunities. The altar at my grandma's home, which honestly commemorates our heritage as well as my grandfather serves as a reminder of where I come from and how far I can go.

Year: 2016

– Hunter

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