Relationship: Im/migrant
its a vyshyvanka
its a vyshyvanka

My object is a vyshyvanka. You probably know it if you're from Russia or Ukraine. It's a type of clothing more like a shirt. It is an object from Ukraine. It is used in different ways like for ceremonies, churches and like school when we sing.  Sometimes some famous poets' music and sometimes for memories of the people who gave their life away for saving ukraine. The war is still on so that is like most of them but there is still more. Most of Ukraine uses this object because it's the Ukraine tradition . My object is made of Fabric string and probably something else I don't know. I was told that it's made of it from everyone so i guess so. The patterns mostly have 2 colors and on most of them they are white and red, white and blue but these are not the only colors.   The string feels very hard and it is skinny.  

I have chosen this abject because people wear it in church, sometimes in celebrations in ukraine schools, and there is no story behind it. This vyshyvanka reminds me about  everybody who wears it, about ukraine and all of the ukraineane traditional food and clothings.

I have a question about how it-(vyshyvanka); who thought how to make it. .You may ask if I have any thoughts or feelings about this artifact,  I don't. I just never was interested till now.  I thought how is this even good.

– Alexey.M

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant