Grandfathers Necklace

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
My grandfathers necklace.
My grandfathers necklace.

My grandfather was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1926. During those time jews were heavily persecuted. My grandfather and his family were forced to live in an environment which rejected their religion. They were treated poorly and their status was non existent, they lived within the jewish community. My grandfather and his new wife sought freedom so they moved to Brazil in hopes of a clean start. Freed up from the conflicts of religion my grandfather could run a business. Fortunately he was able to provide for my father and the rest of the family. My grandfather kept constant reminders about his religion throughout his life. In his times of success he always gave back to the jewish community. He constantly wore this necklace to show his confidence and pride as a jew. The necklace shows the star of David with chai written in the center. The star of David is linked with judaism and a symbol of pride for all jews. Chai is the hebrew word for life. It is very commonly known for being on pendants and jewelry.  As time went on Brazil had become a less desirable place to be so my father moved to America in hopes of a better life for me. After my grandfather passed away I was given all of his necklaces. I rarely wear them, however I look at them quite frequently. I use them to remind of what my father and grandfather went through to provide this life for me. It reminds me of their pride and courage for coming to this country and not hiding who they were. 

Place(s): Brazil, Egypt

– Felix

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant