keys Chain

Relationship: Im/migrant

  Most of the time many people from different countries visit the most important touristic cathedral in the Dominican Republic, the Basilica of Higuey located in the Romana. It is the most important religious place for my family. There are a lot of saints including the Virgin of Altagracia and the Divine Niño Jesus. All the time my family and I go there when we are in our country because it is a place where you can pray and give thanks for your good and bad experiences. Sometimes, we promise to do something for the Virgin or our preferred saint in exchange that she/he make  something that you really need in that moment come true like me when I get the appointment from immigration service. When I had to go there to obtain my visa, I went to the cathedral and I make a promise to the saint of Divine Niño Jesus that if he helps me to get the visa, then every time that I go to the Dominican Republic I visit him to the cathedral. Now I am so grateful with him. I thought that I obtain my visa because I make the promise to him and then he helps me. And all the time that I or my family have to take a plane or when I ask to protect my daughter every day, I pray with my key chain from the Divine Niño Jesus that I bring with me to protect us and take care of us.

Place(s): The Dominican Republic
Year: 2011

– Jhesica Almonte

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant