The leaves start to change, and the air gets as crisp as an apple, all of the jewish people know exactly what time of year it is. It is time for those exciting, terrifying, and fun family dinners. Filled with gossip, small talk, and jokes. The best part about the family holidays is the food, however the most memorable food is the fresh baked challah my grandma makes every holiday season. In fact, challah could easily be the most important jewish food there is. This is because of its symbolic meaning to the culture. Furthermore challah has 3 braids down the middle, each braid has a different significant meaning. "b'Dibbur Echad” signifies the first braid “Zachor” signifies the second braid, and “Shamor” signifies the third braid. Although the 3 braided egg bread has become more than just a religious bread to me. In my family each immediate family bakes their own Challah to bring for holiday dinner, then we vote who has the best bread, it’s always my grandmas. My grandma's bread means a lot to me because her Challah has been at my entire family’s Bar Mitzvahs, Weddings, and any other celebrations. Ultimately the ceremony of cutting the Challah is done at all Jewish events and my Grandma’s Challah is always the one we use. It is for this reason that my grandmas Challah means so much to me.

Year: 2000

– Lexi Gevisenheit

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