Kingdom Hall


    The Jehovah Witnesses religion is the biggest part of my family’s identity regardless if we still practice  it or not. In fact, because it’s such a huge part of our lives, it caused us to break apart and go in our separate direction. The picture of the Kingdom Hall (another word for church) is where i used to go every Sunday and Tuesday. We have bibles, pamphlets, videos magazines (we call it the Watchtower), and we even have our own website so that everyone can have a chance to learn about us. We try to preach to as many people as we can, and although in this religion were promised paradise in the end, there’s certain laws that we have to follow in order to make it to paradise. For example; we can’t cuss, smoke (my family smokes a lot of weed), we can’t wear certain clothes (we can’t wear leggings or yoga pants outside our homes), and we also can’t date outside our religion. We have to go to the Kingdom Hall every sunday and once on the weekdays. Following these rules aren’t bad because i’ve been following them for most of my life, but there’s certain things that i wanted to experience and i couldn’t do that if i still practiced that religion. Many of my family members have been disfellowshipped which means that they’re no longer part of the congregation and no one can associate with them under any circumstances. All you have to do is keep following the rules and maybe they’ll accept you again. These are the things that broke my family up and as sad as it is it’s just the way things have always been.

Place(s): Lawrence, MA

– LF

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