Samantha Benavides

Relationship: Im/migrant

My father gave himself up in religion in order to accomplish his dreams and overcome his challenges in United States. He was working in Colombia as an engineer for an American company that gave to him a lot of opportunities. After he was applying for a ‘Visa’ fortunately he was accepted because of his work. He used to pray in Colombia for a better future, a better future for him and his family. He used to go twice a week to the church with his family for a better wellness because he was really poor. It gave to him strength to still going in life. After landing in United States, he was looking for stability and he start looking for a job, without knowing English he was working for a Mexican restaurant, which actually abused him physically for a long time. He changed of job thousand of times, but over that time he learned English by listening to his bosses. He prayed to much to God for a better job and documentation. He realized at that time that he got to stop working for people that don’t recognize his work. And he get a job from the government, he was get education, he learned better English, he keep sending money to his family and me. He sometimes tells his story, and he laughs about it because he now see the things he probably would have done better, but he occasionally say, “When I didn't have to work, I stay all the time in the church, it makes me feel that God was watching over me, helping me.”  We go every Sunday to the church and we pray for our family. 

Place(s): Colombia and New York
Year: 1999

– Samantha Benavides

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant