Karen Cloth

In Attire

 I am a Karen refugee coming from a a Thailand refugee camp. When my family came to America my mom brought out Karen clothes with us. My mom even brought the tool for weaving the cloth but she doesn’t have all the tool she needed. I feel like i identify as Karen. During my time living in the refugee camp I made a lot of friend. But when I came to America I only have only few friend. My mom is still struggle to learn English. I have been here in America for almost seven year. Sometime i want to weave my tradition cloth then turn into a piece of clothe. My mom said i could learn it if she found a person to teach it to me. I would wear my Karen cloth during Karen holliday and during special occasion. I would wear my Karen clothe to church. 

Place(s): Myanmar, Burma, Thailand, St. Paul, Minnesota
Year: 2012

– Thay Sar Kyi Paw

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child