Cherokee necklace

In Attire

The object that is picked to represent my family background is a necklace. My great Grandmother Zoola was full blooded Cherokee and when she was younger she made a necklace that she loved dearly. When I was a little I would always look at old pictures and I would always see her wearing that necklace. It was very special to her, Here is some information on the Cherokee Indians. The Cherokee were a large and powerful tribe who originally moved from the Southern Appalachians mountains and the Cherokees actually lives in cabins made of log instead of the stereotypical tee pee. They were highly religious and spiritual and when the American revolution took place the Cherokee Indians supported the British soldiers, and even assisted them in battle. When my great Grandma passed away the necklace went with her so i don't have anything to bring in but i drew a picture of what my mother described to me. This necklace not only belonged to a great women but it also shows where my family originated.

Year: 1934

– Destini

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