This is a Bayonet of a German gun-WW2
This is a Bayonet of a German gun-WW2

 It is a Bayonet from a German rifle my great-grandfather stole from a Nazi Soldier that he killed in Operation Overlord in 1944. He was a soldier until he got injured at Normandy where he served the rest of the war as a truck driver who delivered supplies. The bayonet was made of stainless steel. Bayonets were used as a way to attack others when you are in close quarters and if someone was close to you were out of ammo or if you needed to reload you could use it to defend yourself, kill others and to steal someone's ammo. It represents bravery, and devotion to your country. It says that my great-grandfather was a brave man and that it reminds me that if you get hurt you should not give up. I would see it as a part of job/miscellaneous as it was something he acquired during military service and his duty to serve his country was his job and it's miscellaneous because it's not really part of anything else because it is also a weapon. The bayonet resides with my grandfather at his house I believe. And finally it is one reason of why I’m proud of being British 

Place(s): England, France

– JP

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