Relationship: Child of im/migrant

I’m describing the custom that is used for the Carnaval of Huejotzingo that represents my heritage. It’s been on for 155 years. Puebla was known for the Carnaval during the war of France and Mexico. The clothing  identifies our culture because of the variety of colors and designs that make it look so traditional and beautiful and with images of “La Virgen de Guadalupe”  Their music is joyful with an awesome rhythm that makes you keep dancing all day. During Carnaval people go outside to dance in the streets with family and friends.They get dressed up with the traditional clothing, a lot of sequins full of colors, and fake jewelry. It shows how we had victory against the French that were taking over our lands but Indian people fought back and it was a victory for us. This is a way of representing war in Puebla. 

Everyone has a different custom and has also different names of the custom: Zapadores, Zuavos, Zacapoaxclas, Indios, Turcos. Some customs have fruits in their back with a dead animal and others have more fake jewelry in their custom. 

Even though I wasn’t born in Mexico, it makes me feel like home because of the good harmony they give me when I’m there. This tradition is now popular in New Jersey doing the same thing like in Puebla. Taking the tradition here in USA makes it special because people really feel they should take it to another level, make others know how important this is for us Mexican people and that we identify with this tradition. VIVA PUEBLA!

Place(s): Puebla, Mexico, Annapolis MD
Year: 2017

– Ana

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant