Biography of My Grandmother

Picture of the front cover
Picture of the front cover

My object is a biography of my grandmother, Edyta. It is called Księżniczka Deptaku, which means “Princess of the Promenade.” It was written in Polish. Edyta was born in Warsaw on April 4, 1929. During World War II, she was forced to live in the Warsaw Ghetto. Edyta, who was Jewish, was forced to work for the Germans. Edyta & her mother walked out of the ghetto at some point after 1943 then ended up in Munich from 1944 to 1947. Edyta then came to the US as an “orphan” because she claimed to be a war orphan even though her mother was alive when she was 17. Her mother came over later as a translator in 1948. They then lived in the Bronx. Years later, in 2006, she found a Polish author, Marta Sztokfisz, to write the biography. She died in 2008, and it was published. This book is important to me because it shows how my grandmother dealt with the aftereffects of the Holocaust and mental health. It explains how she could endure such a dark time from such a young age and live to be the person she was, living a full life and having 2 kids. Although she had a few pockets of depression feeling like the world owed her one, she persevered and had a family in the end. It makes me feel mentally stronger and empowers me. It shows initiative and that she could think when even death was at hand. 

Place(s): Warsaw, Poland
Year: 1947

– TS

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant