Bus Ticket

Relationship: Im/migrant
Bus Ticket
Bus Ticket

In October, 1985, my husband, my three children, and I immigrated from Canton, China to Chicago. Guangzhou is a southern city of China, the weather there is warm all the time and no snow during the winter.  I can't get used to the brutal winters in Chicago. I remember one day, I was waiting at the bus stop with my children, suddenly a gust of wind blew away the bus ticket from my hand.  That one ticket allowed me two transfer times, but I ended up having no tickets in my hand, and I had to buy another ticket.  

I have been in Chicago for 34 years, and the Windy City has grown on me.  I have worked in Chinatown for 24 years and I have seen the growth of Chinatown. I retired at 66 years old, and I got my senior CTA/Ventra card.  I don't need to worry about wind blowing away my ticket again.  

Place(s): Canton, China, Chicago
Year: 1985

– SL

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant