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My latest journal
My latest journal

As a child, I always wanted to have a place where I could have some outlet-- something to myself that made me feel unique and interesting. My girlfriends commonly had journals. I think journals can hold value, depending on what one is writing. If you have a mix of events, that would be very interesting to read, but if it is all sad, it can bring one down. As an elementary school student I wrote my friend's nicknames, silly crushes, and sketches. That's as much as I could remember writing as an eight-year-old. As a freshman, my writing style wasn't very healthy. I wrote things that would only make me angry most of the time. I held grudges. I expressed my anger with curse words, and it did help a little bit, but the style of writing wasn't very appropriate, especially now that I'm Christian. Now I journal prayers and bible verses. It's much healthier and motivates me to become a better person, to love more and forgive. It's extraordinary when you write down what you prayed for and see it happening before your eyes. It's a glorious feeling. I remember at one point in my life, we were going to move. I prayed that it wouldn't be out of Napa. The thought of leaving where I know people and the location in which I grew up brought me down. However, I saw my prayer answered when we found a place to stay in town. Rather than writing things that can bring you down, It is more enjoyable to look over things you overcame, answered prayers, and areas you grew in.

Place(s): Napa

– Jazmin Damian Guzman

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