My Menorah

My oil menorah
My oil menorah

 This is a very special Menorah that has been passed down generations in my family. It originally belonged to my great grandfather who passed away recently. He was from Krakow, Poland. He had a really special oil Menorah that he bought around 1930 that he used every Chanukah. It was very important to him. Once he got older he went to the United Kingdom to fight in the army during the Holocaust in around 1940. He brought the Menorah with him. Once he was done fighting in the army he moved to the United States in about 1945. He brought the Menorah here too. He still used it every Chanukah. Once he had a kid and the kid became older he gave it to him. Then once my grandpa had my dad and he got older he gave it to him. This is such an important thing to my family because we have been using this Menorah for nearly 100 years. It is the oldest heirloom in my family. I think it is important to share because it shows my families history. It shows what they have been through and how my family still has it’s traditions to this day. I feel this represents me because it talks about my Jewish culture and the Jewish adult I have become. I know one day this will be mine and I will have to take on that responsibility.

Place(s): Poland, United Kingdom, United States

– MF

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more