Chinese couplet


My object is a Chinese couplet. It was first originated from Taofu during Zhou Dynasty from China. The history of this object is to give us protection and safety from a monster called “Nian”. It’s important to my culture to celebrate the myth of the monster and its defeat. My culture is mandarin, Fujianese. Yearly, the people from our culture would put up these couplets with positive meanings with the colors red, black and gold. It was said that in the past there was a monster called “Nian” who would hurt anyone that comes out of their house. The people were terrified but then had an idea to make this couplet with red and description of the 2 knights that prevent more monsters to come. The color red was then represented as protection, peace, love, and luck. That is why when we Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year we call it “过年.” Celebrating the past of the monster Nian.  This is important to my culture because the couplet represents the blessing of the past how we had defeated the monster Nian. The couplet also is a way to express people's earnest love to their motherland,  the description of nature, and best wishes for the upcoming year. It was made from paper and our imagination of how we express our thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper. It reminds us of our past success and the reason, meaning of Chinese New Year and the color red.


– Xin Yi C.

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