The guacamaya

My artifact is called La Guacamaya.
The guacamaya is an animal of my country Honduras and is important to me because that represents my country. This artifact reminds me of where I was born in Las Ruinas De Copán of Honduras. In Honduras there are two species of Guacamayas: the Guara Roja (Ara macao) and the Guara Verde (Ara ambigüa), the macaws are known as guaras and are also known as parrots or as limpets.The guacamaya is important to my family and I  because we went to Las Ruinas de Copan and we saw this animal and we took  pictures with this animal and that was the best day because I was with my family and that was an experience that I want to repeat and will never forget. 

Place(s): Copan Ruinas, Honduras.

– Meilyn Guerra

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