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Jewelry Box
Jewelry Box

The object I decided to share was my grandmother's old jewelry box. I did not know that this little box existed until after my grandmother passed away. This little box was not made to be a jewelry box or just or jewelry, I do not know what it was made for, but it was used to store my grandmother's favorite pieces of jewelry. The initials L.S are not my grandmother's initials but are my grandfather's. Leon Sondik.  They also happen to be mine and my brothers, so when I found this box I asked my parents if I can keep it so that I could have something that was important to my grandma. I don't know exactly when this jewelry box dates back to but I do know that it is very old. My grandmother was from and lived in Hartford Connecticut, Where she had had the jewelry box all her life ever since she was little. I never got the chance to ask her if it was passed down From her mother.  it seems to be very old but is in very good condition end is made out of leather and cork. Even though there's not a lot my family and I know about the jewelry box we do know that it is something that has been in my family for a while and that was special to my grandma. There's only a small bit of writing on the box other than the initials, on the bottom of the box the words top grain cowhide are on the bottom and gold. I don't know exactly what this means maybe it is the brand. 

– lola

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