Janamaz (Prayer Rug)

Relationship: Im/migrant
Signifies my most night before sleep.
Signifies my most night before sleep.

Religion is a big factor to me and my family and I was raised upon the belief of my religion.I started practicing Islam since the age of 8/9.But, after me and my family migrated from Bangladesh to United State things turned odd.We struggled with finding halal food,praying five times a day, couldn’t hear the sound of Adhan (prayer call) and even finding mosque that is close enough to pray was hard.Because of that we only lived in certain areas where we will find our basic needs as Muslims. But, through the years we have found our ways to practice our faith easier.We use apps that have the Adhan and prayer reminder. Something that I and my family keep really close to us as a Muslim is a Janamaz. It is made out of textiles,It usually has a symbol such as a wall indicating the direction of Mecca and beautiful geometric shapes.It is something that represents cleanliness and purity.It's placed between the ground and the person, used by Muslims to create an isolated space to concentrate in prayer. Since,I was little I have seen my family practicing the religion of Islam and have used the Janamaz to perform Salah. It is something that I can confirm been used in my family for generations to generation.It’s something we keep close to us and we have janamaz for individuals of family members in our house.Sometimes, we carry it with us when out during the time of the day to perform the Salah. It shares part of my identity and life as a Muslim.It’s something me and my family would like to pass down to the next and next generation to keep our faith and belief ongoing.

Place(s): New York
Year: 2015

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Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant