Jade Necklace

When I came to the United States, my mom gave me a jade necklace and told me it could protect me from bad spirits. She said it could also help me study well in school. I wore the necklace, but I didn’t believe it had magical powers that could help me like my mom had said. Once, when I felt nervous during a test and felt my brain stop working, I put my head down on the table. Suddenly, a cool, refreshing wave came over me. It made me feel less nervous. I realized that wave was because of my jade necklace. So, I pushed it toward my heart again. The comforting wave went through my skin and reached my soul to take away my worries. I felt much better. My mom was right, the necklace was protecting me. This jade necklace helps me often when I feel stuck in studying English. Though I don’t wear my necklace anymore, I now place it in my bed, and sleep with it every night.

Year: 2015

– Lin Yiwei

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