Hoong Bao

This is a Hoong Bao, or a red envelope.
This is a Hoong Bao, or a red envelope.

This is a photo of a Hong Bao. A Hong Bao, or a red envelope is a Chinese tradition that is primarily used for Chinese New Year, which is in February. It has an origin that comes from the Song Dynasty called the Legend of Ang Pow. In the legend, an evil dragon had been terrorizing a village for many years, and nobody had been able to stop it. But one day, a brave young man named Ang Pow slew the dragon with his mighty sword. Out of respect, the village elders gave him a red envelope filled with money. And from that day on, it became a tradition to give relatives the Hong Bao to ward off evil demons and spirits. The practice of giving Hong Baos during the Chinese New Year began in the Qin dynasty, but this is rumored to be the start of the tradition.

Place(s): China
Year: 1947

– EL

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