my tattoo

Relationship: Im/migrant
This is the picture of my tattoo.
This is the picture of my tattoo.

My tattoo was passed down as a tradition. This is why my whole family tends to resort to it during tough times. Different members in my family get this tattoo in different shapes and sizes. Although everyone in my family tends to get this tattoo in the shape, size, and detail that they desire, everyone in my family gets it on their right wrist. In one way, my tattoo goes back to how there was lots of religious persecution in Egypt against Christians. At this time most christian had decided to get this tattoo to confirm their faith and show that they will stick with it. From since that time period people have been getting this tattoo all over the country of Egypt. Unlike my family there are families that have stopped getting this tattoo, or allowing their children to get this tattoo, meanwhile my family sees an importance in this tattoo and decided to keep it as a tradition, even though it is no longer referred to in the same way it was referred to in the time period of the harsher religious persecution. Due to the fact that when i went to Egypt i had noticed that almost everyone in my family had already gotten this tattoo at a very young age, especially because there is no age minimum to be able to legally get a tattoo in Egypt. I also noticed that I, like the newborns still hadn't gotten this tattoo. When I realized this I immediately went to my dad and informed him I was sure that I wanted to get the tattoo. And from the summer of 2017 on i have had my tattoo.

Place(s): Egypt
Year: 2006

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Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant