My object is our family Quran. It is a Quran that is shared by every member of my family. My mother received this Quran when she was ten years old back in her country. Our entire family now uses this Quran to pray. 
The inside the Quran is made out of shanien paper. It is a thin paper that holds the prayers and scriptures of my culture. 
The Quran gives us power and protect our family, friends and our homes. Also it helps us with our  problems and also gives us ideas too. 
This means a lot to my family. If our Quran falls on the floor, I kiss and pray the book so the Quran is safe and we are safe. My Quran reminds me of God. It reminds me that God is there to help keep us safe and to help us face any problems that may come our way. I cherish this Quran for the traditions it holds in my family.

Year: 2000

– Ali

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child