Cross necklace

My god father gave it to me on the day of my bautiso which is part of my culture. I don't remember much of that day or barely anything. I was like 2 or 3 years old. This object is important to me because It is part of my religion and my god father gave me. The last time I remember seeing my god father was when I was 6. I haven't seen him since. I really miss him but I know hes okay. I wear my necklace everywhere. I got through some hard things with this and through middle school with it. i wear it to this day. Its made of gold but I treat it like a diamond because of how sentimental it is. It feels like if its made of diamond. If it was made of plastic I would still wear it everyday and treat it like the rarest thing in the world because that's what it is to me with no doubt I would not switch my necklace for nothing else.

Place(s): new york

– Edgar Herrera

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