Golden Cross

Relationship: Im/migrant
My Grandmas Cross
My Grandmas Cross

This cross means the world to me. It means the world to me because my grandmother gave it to me before dying and before saying that she was very proud of me. Although I wasn't in Guatemala to personally hear my grandmother say that, my mother was there. She gave my mother the cross and told her to tell me that she was very proud of me. When my mother had arrived to LA she had burst into tears before even saying anything. Once I saw her crying I felt cold and bad. She had told me what my grandmother had told me and then proceeded with giving me the golden cross that she would wear every day. Once she placed the cross on my hand I had shed a tear for the first time since like five years before that. I felt so depressed because it was like the cross held all the good memories I had with my grandmother. Once my mother placed the cross on my hand all the memories just hit me all at once. My grandmother was like my second mother because when she lived in California she would always take care of me when I was sick. Also she would be the one to buy me my school supplies when my dad didn't want to go and buy them for me. Whenever I had problems with communicating with my parents she would always be there for me. She would always be on my side and that's what I loved about her. This type of cross might just seem like a piece of gold but to me it thrives with many memories and emotions. 

Place(s): Guatemala

– Carlos Mejia

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant