Relationship: Child of im/migrant

This is a Yemeni dagger. It’s called a Jambiya. In our culture, we use this at weddings, parties and holidays. We use it as a fashion item or to dance with. There are many types of Jambiya in my country. The important part of the Jambiya is the handle. That is the part of the Jambiya that holds the most value. When my family migrated to America they were not able to pass through the airport with the Jambiya so they sent the Jambiya back to my village. Yemeni weddings in the United States are not like the weddings in my country. In my country, people wear a Thawb with a Jambiya worn as a belt. A Thawb is an Arabic male dress. Here in the United States, yemeni people wear suits since they don’t have a Jambiya to wear with a Thawb. Dancing around with a Jambiya used to be fun in my country. When my family and I go to weddings in the United States many people don’t really get up to dance. Some people in my country have a habit of dancing around while holding something in their hands. In my country, it was very fun seeing other people dance or get up and dance. In Yemen, we also laugh and have fun.

Place(s): Yemen

– Alhasen

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant