A Picture Of My Grandparents

Relationship: Im/migrant
my grandparents
my grandparents

 My object is my grandparents’ picture. This picture was taken in the early 80s. they made four copies for their four children. My picture is from my father. It symbolize strength and optimism.           My grandmother is a kind and strong woman. During the cultural revolution, my grandfather was put in prison for six years, because he was a rich businessman. My grandmother became a poor farmer, where as she had been a wealthy woman before, she lost her big house and her servant. Although she was very sad, she became strong. She took her children to live in a hut and  worked day and night. In the difficult environment, she fed four children by herself.  She was a super-hero in our family. My grandfather was an optimistic man, who was always happy. Even though he had been in prison and some people discriminated against him, he never felt ashamed or angry. He thought life was a gift, so we should enjoy it. He taught us sing when we worked at the farm. Sometimes he would tell us stories.           Three years ago, when I left China to live in the United States, my father gave me is picture of my grandparents. He said that although my grandparents had been dead for many years, he wanted me to be as strong and optimistic as they were. I keep the picture in my luggage and have scanned it  in to my smartphone. Every time I see it, I remember my grandparents and feel renewed courage.  

Place(s): China/New York
Year: 2011

– Xiahong li

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant