Jade Necklace


My entire family and I each have our own necklace unique to us. My mom has a necklace in the shape of teardrop while mine is in the shape of edamame. Jade Necklaces are commonly used to bring luck and ward off evil spirits. Between my family members and I, we wear them for all sorts of reasons. My parents are wearing their necklaces this year because it is year of the dog.  Both my parents are year of the dragon and it is said that dogs attack dragons and so they are wearing them to be protected from being attacked. I was given my necklace from my Uncle who works on a farm in China. I wear my necklace to feel closer to my family in China and I feel connected to them when I wear it. My siblings and I also wear our necklaces before any important tests or during the holidays to bring about good luck. It travels with me so much that it goes on its own little adventure. From starting out on a farm in a town outside Shanghai, to a small apartment in Queens, a house in Melville, to my current dormitory and wherever we continue to go.

Place(s): China, Queens

– Rebecca

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