Dress Of DOOM!

Relationship: Im/migrant
An Ao Dai (Dress)
An Ao Dai (Dress)

My grandma was born in 1929 and she cherished an object called an ao dai (dress). It was used for Lunar New Year as a reminder of the dragon that created the new year. Sadly, during the war in 1975 and the communists were attacking her hometown so in order to not get captured, she had to flee the city but the dress was ok. Every year, she wears it until it could not fit her and so she passes it down to family members like my mom and now it is in the hands of my sister. This object represents me because my country is one of the few countries that celebrate this event. Like China. This object tells me the experiences of immigrants because most immigrants tell their stories back in their countries and bring it to a new country so that country could be a mixing pot and everyone can be happy again. For Example, like the dress. To remind people that their country will always be with them no matter what.

Place(s): China,Vietnam
Year: 1975

– Brandon Nguyen

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant