Crystal Necklace

The Crystal Necklace is clear and foggy.
The Crystal Necklace is clear and foggy.

 My crystal necklace is passed down from my grandmother. My mother gave it to me and she said it was from my grandmother. My grandfather brought it for her, then she gave it to my mom which  eventually gave it to me. At first it wasn't a necklace but after my mother gave it to me, I made it a necklace. The crystal is shaped like a diamond and it is clear , it’s also a little dirty. My grandfather gave the crystal to my grandmother on August fifteenth which is the Mid-autumn festival as a present. My grandmother gave it to my mom before she went to china. Then my mom gave it to me on my seventh birthday as a present. It is special because it is from my grandmother.

Place(s): China

– Selena Chen

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