Iphone 6s

This Iphone 6s my mom bought in 2015.
This Iphone 6s my mom bought in 2015.

This is an Iphone 6s that my mom bought in Vietnam back in 2015 before we moved to America. Because we kept this and brought this with us to the United States, it represents our journey moving to a new place, having a reset. It was used by my mom but now she passed it down to me but I don't use it anymore and it is still fully functional. But it has a lot of meaning to me, everytime I'm bored, I look at it and remember all the fun times I had in my homeland Vietnam. And by remembering all those times, I always think about how far I have gone, comparing how my life was before and after migrating. And think about what my initial thoughts were about America and how it actually is. At first, I thought America is great, everyone is treated equally and it's gonna be fun. But in reality, there is some racism towards Asians, some bullying, so instead of whining about it, I decided to accept it, get used to it and know how to deal with it. I knew some English back in Vietnam because English is our secondary language that everyone have to learn. But when I came here, I noticed there's a big language boundary, I was a little bit like "language-blind", it's something that my parents used to describe someone who can't hear and understand a Language. But it's been 4 years, my English is better than before and it's getting better.

Place(s): Vietnam and United States
Year: 2018

– BB

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child