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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Authentic Mexican Rice
Authentic Mexican Rice

My grandma was a single mother raising 4 kids and working 12-hour shifts. My dad and his siblings lived independently while my grandma worked as the only source of income.  At the age of 10, my dad took the responsibility of providing meals for him and his 3 siblings. My dad took it upon himself to cook authentic Mexican dishes such as carne asada, beans, rice, and salsa. As he grew older, he no longer saw cooking as a chore but rather a hobby. Today, he cooks authentic Mexican dishes to reminisce the deep connection he has to his culture and the ranch in which he grew up in. Throughout my life his cooking has created a sincere connection to my Hispanic roots in Jalisco. My siblings and I grew up with many cultural traditions despite the distance put between us and our hometown in Mexico. In order to properly pass down traditions, my dad has us cook beside him every once in a while in order to master recipes such as my childhood favorite, Mexican red rice. Spreading our culture is extremely important to my dad’s legacy and it will continue to live within my siblings and I.  Our traditions are a piece of our home that we have brought to share with America and our contribution to the cultural diversity.   

Place(s): Jalisco, Mexico
Year: 1969

– JV

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant