Marzipan, a candy of sugar, honey, and almond extract sometimes shaped to look like other fruits (or, more creepily, babies), has always been my maternal Grandma's favorite food. While almost all of her grandchildren (myself included) have never understood the appeal, she always has a collection of marzipan fruits in a little green plastic basket on her dresser, ready for snacking. Marzipan is not thought to have originated in Germany (my Grandma's home country) but rather in the Mediterranean, or in China, from where the recipe migrated to the middle east. However, it was in Germany that Marzipan was perfected, and thus the german name for this candy is most commonly used. Lubeck is a German town known for marzipan production. My Grandma was forced to flee the country when her Father was being pressured into doing scientific research for Hitler. As a Social Democratic, her father feared for their safety. Her whole family (mother, father, older and younger sisters) was able to make it out, though not altogether. At nine years old, my grandma had to first go to Cuba, then she made it to Ohio to reunite with her family. My grandma gave up much of her German culture, trying to hide her accent and identity at such a sensitive time in history, but she still loves Marzipan.

Year: 2016

– Brianne Cotter

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant