Holy Water

These hold the holy water.
These hold the holy water.

Holy water is very important in my family. Holy water was introduced to me by my grandma, she explained to me that holy water was used to keep bad spirits/bad luck away. Fun fact, holy water originated during the Christian times. In my family, we use holy water by dipping our pointer finger in the holy water and making the cross sign on our foreheads, (we do this every time we go over to a family member's house and walking into my home as well). This connects to my culture because we use holy water all the time, and like my grandma says "we use it to keep all the bad things away from us so its important that we use it all the time". We also use holy water to pray as well has to respect our family members that passed. I can connect to holy water because ive been doing this routine for almost all my life so it kinda made me the way that I am now. 

Place(s): Dominican Republic/Puerto Rico

– emaya arce

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant