My Grandfather's Trophy

Photos of during the race and the trophy
Photos of during the race and the trophy

Many families have trophies that someone won for a competition that they keep passing down. Each of the trophies has a different story and memories. The memories are important to families because they help us remember things we know like our family's pasts, what they used to do, and family members. Trophies relate to our cultural identities because they help us share feelings about our lives and what is important to us.
A trophy that my family has is my grandfather’s Camel Race trophy. My grandfather’s favorite memory was camel racing at the Camel Barns at Pine Lake Reservoir in the city of Benicia, California on August 23rd, 1998. The Camel Race was a fundraiser and his boss was a sponsor. The referees put him 10 yards behind the other camel to start because his camel was faster than the rest but it was fair for him and he won by the nose. It was his first race. He was very proud of the trophy. His family was very proud of him.When I look at the trophy, I sometimes picture how the day went and what it might have been like. How my grandfather looked and what he did to win. When I look at that trophy I think about my grandfather.

Place(s): Benicia
Year: 1998

– James Collins

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more