Relationship: Im/migrant

 My Hijab

My object is a hijab. It comes from Yemen, Bangladesh and several other Asian countries, but my mom got me this one from here in America.  I wear one everyday.  It is worn because in Islam, it is the appropriate wear for ladies on their heads. Younger girls don’t have to wear it, but since I am older, I must wear it. It is usually worn by two pieces, the inner piece to cover any bangs or loose hair, and the scarf, the main piece, wraps around the head. It can be made out of silk, cotton or any soft material and can come in many, many colors and designs.  Many years ago, the hijabs came in solid colors.  However, the style has changed.  We now can get hijabs in many designs.        The hijab was worn by ladies since the time before Christ.  That’s more than 2,000 years ago and it is still worn today! My hijab is new and modern, but a long time ago, like I said before, they were simple pieces of cloth.      The hijab shows that a lady or girl is Muslim, just like me, I wear it everyday to show I am Muslim as well. I learned about how hijabs were worn by people who were important to my religion and culture. I used to be embarrassed about wearing it, like I was hiding something, but after I did this research and learned the truth, I now wear it with pride and I wear it wherever I go, knowing the history of the hijab and why I wear it. Now, I want everyone to know how proud I am to wear hijab.

Year: 2001

– Sarah

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant