A Mug


This mug has my grandfather and his brother printed on it. They are well respected people in Senegal, mainly in the city of Touba. They are head of the grand masjid and have many fortunes because of that. Before my grandfather died, he gave me this picture of him and said that whenever I feel sad or scared, pray to the picture. This always helps me when I feel down or even when I really want a wish to come true. I keep the picture in a secure place in my room so that I wouldn't be able to lose it or damage it. I framed the picture onto many things such as a t-shirt, mug, blanket and on a watch. I framed it on a watch so that I could pray to it at all times because it would be somewhere that I could see it. The picture holds sentimental value to me because my grandfather chose to give me the picture instead of giving it to my other siblings or even his own children. I was my grandfather's favorite and he liked me the most out of my siblings. I will pass down the picture to my kids in the future so that this becomes a tradition from generations to generations. If my kids are feeling down, they can pray to the picture and hope that everything turns out great.

Place(s): Senegal

– Mame Ndiaye

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