Hawaiian Culture

Native Hawaiians in a wa'a (canoe)
Native Hawaiians in a wa'a (canoe)

Using the stars, the wind, and the waves, the Hawaiians migrated to the islands of Hawaii and established a lifestyle that would sustain them for centuries. Overall thousand years ago, my ancestors arrived upon the shores of Hawaii and found a new land and chain of islands where living could be made. Thus started the creation of an intelligent lifestyle of farming, fishing, and hunting that is unlike any other culture. The belief of many Gods, creation of stories of how things came to be, and many others aspects that developed the culture of Hawaii. In my family, the tradition that relates to our migration story is the continual perpetuation of such. Til this day, my family and I fish and hunt according to ancient lifestyle. With nets and spears, we reconnect with the lifestyle that was created by our ancestors. The culture's tradition is what we use to connect us to our migration story because when our ancestors arrived they brought this lifestyle that would transcend lifetimes to us now that would continue to sustain us. 

Place(s): Tahti, Samoa, Marqueuses Islands

– Ross Panlasigui

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more