The smell in Burma would be kinda like disgusting. The foods – since we’re like kinda poor there, every food would taste good. And the friends – we would have a lot and friends. For favorite activities, it would be like playing outside. The traditions would be like Christmas and all like that. I was born in Burma and I will always be a Burmese. It took us six years to get here. And I came with my parents. And we left because of us being poor. And they wanted me to get a good education. I thought there would be like flying cars and all. Here, we have food to eat, but in Burma, since we’re so poor, there are days when we don’t eat. We didn’t always have this life. We had to work hard to get here. Our culture changed a lot in America because most Burmese people don’t exactly know their language anymore because all they know is English now.

Year: 2007

– Khup Kim

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child