picture of my grandpa

my grandpa in his navy outfit
my grandpa in his navy outfit

When finding an object that had meaning to it and would be put in a museum, I instantly thought about my grandpa’s old army photos. While I was asking about these questions, such as what exactly he did and how long he served, the answers were pretty lengthy. I discovered that he was in the Vietnam war and that for his position, he was a communication Sargent and he also was a part of the navy. He served for 18 years and stopped after he ended up in Fairfield at the Travis airbase. He decided to retire after the fighting because at that time he had a wife and three kids. His uniform was the old navy uniform and he got a purple heart of honor and his uniform color was dark blue with white stripes in his arms and his uniform was also kinda like a color suit. The photo is special because it’s the only photo we have of him because he was camera shy back then. He was the best in his group and the rest of his group were some very experienced members of the air force and one day near the end of his army days before retirement he got the news that he would be a chef or a cook for the military but as to why I and my family members don’t know it was the one thing he took to the grave with him. My parents say it was because he was so disappointed in himself and would tell people lies on why he got demoted. It was a pretty interesting experience to find out about my grandpa that I never met before he ended up dying after I was born so it is nice to know about someone in my family that I had no idea about. 

Place(s): airbase

– DaRyan Maston

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant