Haitian bracelet

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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
A bracelet representing the Haitian colors
A bracelet representing the Haitian colors

Everybody has that one item that they’ve received in life that is more valuable to them than anything. For my mom that one item was a necklace that she received from my grandma. Although my mom was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti in 1966; she left Haiti to move to America at the age of 2. So my mom grew up living in the U.S and has no memory of living in Haiti. At around age 10 my mom and her 7 siblings were taught how to speak creole by my grandpa which is how my mom found out that she was born in Haiti. Once my mom found out her birthplace she would always ask,“When are we going back there?!” Unfortunately my grandparents were not able to afford a vacation to Haiti for the entire family. So one day after my mom got back from school, my grandma gave her a necklace as a gift that she had bought while she was in Haiti. While the necklace looked very stylish and had the colors of Haiti designed on it, my mom’s favorite part of the necklace was the cross of Jesus Christ that was on it. She felt that praying with the necklace on helped her build a stronger relationship with god. The main reason why this necklace was so special to my mom was because it was her only connection to Haiti. To this day my mom still has this necklace and has given it to me not only to use for this project but because I’ve never been to Haiti. So this necklace is now my only connection to Haiti just like it used to be my mom’s only connection.

Place(s): Haiti
Year: 1968

– Marcus Fraser

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant