The thing that never left me

In Attire
Relationship: Im/migrant

This is the belt I bought more than six years ago. It is black and it’s made of a silver and cotton. It was with me when I took my ninth grade final test, and my tenth grade final test. It was with me when I moved here. I bought it from the supermarket in Bangladesh. The owner of the store told me that the belt is original and not a fake. I had to pay almost more than one dollar for the belt which was so expensive at that time. It is special for me because it still works in the right way. After I moved here I had to re-buy everything like my jackets, my pants, and my shoes. But I never bought another belt again. In Bangladesh, one of my friends took the belt for one month to see how it works and then he gave it back to me again. After getting the belt there are a lot of people who left me, a lot of people changed. But the belt never changed. It is the thing that never left me. It is always with me.

Place(s): Bangladesh
Year: 2014

– Trique Mohummud

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant