My father and his brother formed a well known traditional band back home and were best known as “Los Hermanos Rosa”, the Rosa brothers. Unfortunately, as the family kept growing and with the absence of their father, they decided to leave their homeland along with younger brother to create a better life for their family. My father was the first from his family to travel under false documentation pretending to be another man’s son. He didn’t have a home and would frequently sleep in a friend’s couch, roof tops and subway stations. He was finally able to help his brother to join him and they together were able to bring their last brother. Although the money and the situation was inevitably a struggle, they held onto the hopes that their efforts would be met and that they would one day achieve their American Dream. The brothers managed to acquire some guitars and although not being used professionally, they would play and sing along to some classical music that reminded them of home. After finally being able to bring their family with them, they would join together during the holidays to remember where they came from and the efforts they made to be here. Flash forwarding years later, even after the death of my father and one of my uncles, music and guitars hold a special place in our hearts as we remember their long life attempt of reaching their dreams.

Year: 1990

– Jaminely R.

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