Curry goat

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Picture of curry goat
Picture of curry goat

It was this feeling that greeted me upon my arrival into the United States on July 24th, 2016. Upon entry, the first thing that arose questions was the way in witch a person could pay their traveling fees in a cab without hard cash. The second thing that arose questions was the materials use for constructing houses. The third was of course what types of foods the country had to offfer. I wanted to know if there still existed the foods of my culture. Sure enough the answer was yes; and of all the foods I yearned for most curried-goat stood at the pinnacle of my list, for the reason that when coupled with a Sunday’s rice and peas it made a most delectable dish. As soon as I started my assimilation into the country I became introduced to new dishes, as  well as dishes of old. One Sunday my mother decided to prepare curried-goat. However, it lacked the elasticity and girth that that would normally delight my pallet. This caused me to despair, but not for long. A short while after a cousin of mine found a butcher with fine premium meats, and his services didn’t disappoint. When his goat was prepared I became boxed in by a cornucopia of flavorful delights, flavors that reminded me of home, and my heritage. 

Place(s): Jamaica and New York
Year: 2016

– Nigel Hector

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant