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Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My object is a guitar. Some people would see it has a piece of wood with some strings,and when you strum it,it makes a nice sound. But I see it bigger than that. It’s a piece of my heritage. Ever since I was younger I always had a love for the guitar. I remember when I would go on vacation with my family we would go to my grandfathers house. And I remember when my father would tell me stories about my grandfather playing. He would tell me that my grandfather would invite everyone over and perform for them. There is an old  video of my grandfather singing at my cousins wedding from the roof of the house. And every time we go visit we always see my grandfathers old guitar. We have it hung up on the wall wrapped in plastic so the color won’t fade. When ever we go we always take it out of the plastic and I remember all the times my grandfather would play for me. So that’s why I made it a priority to learn how to play. 

This isn’t just an object it’s apart of my culture. This instrument means a lot  to me. Everytime  I hear a riff or a chord progression. It takes me to a special place. It’s part of my family. My father saw his father play. And I want to make sure when I have my future children I want them to learn to play. So that way culture can continue to spread through future generations.

– Anthony Andrade

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant