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History of Michigan Football
History of Michigan Football

Imagine having one book that represents how you and your family have felt about something for a really long time. This book I’m talking about is “Endzone” by John U. Bacon. My family and I bleed Michigan. I have had 9 people in my family go there. We love Michigan football, we always are watching the games on TV or in person if we are at the game. This book is all about the rise, the downfall, and the rise back up of Michigan football. Fans expect that the team is always good and does well. It was like that until 2007 where we were bad and inconsistent until 2014. This book also shows how sometimes if something isn’t going your way you have to pull through it. This book shows it about Michigan football, but for something else, my family and I don’t give up and we pull through. That is an important moral for my family that we use in real life. So this book represents Michigan which we love and how if something bad happens when everything is ok, there is always a way back up. And Michigan football shows just that!

Place(s): Michigan
Year: 1954

– TM

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