Grandparents in El Rosario


My grandparents lived in El Salvador. Their names were Isidro Carranza and Blanca Lidia Rosa. They had been married for a long time. They had nine children, six boys, and three girls. They were very hard workers. They had a farm. I will always remember them. They are my inspiration. When I was ten years old, my parents moved to the United States. My two sisters, my brother and I stayed in El Salvador and moved in with my grandparents. Everyone worked hard on the farm. The children got up at three o’clock every single morning to make breakfast and lunch for the whole family and the workers too. We went to school at seven o'clock. My grandmother was ill, and she wasn't able to work around the house. My grandfather believed we must help other people. He gave advice to neighbors. He drove them to see lawyers, doctors, and sometimes he went with them to the hospital. My grandfather also said that I need to try something different to prepare for my great future. He told me hard work is good, but you need to try different opportunities to have an easier life. Nothing is impossible for me because I’m strong and I always try something new. I tell my daughters they need to be persistent to finish what they started. My grandparents are an excellent example of strength and significant influence on three generations.

Year: 1994

– MDiaz

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